Monday, November 28, 2005

hello everyone. i had typed this LONG message yesterday giving a witty commentary on the last few weeks of my life, when the electricty went out and i lost it all!!! so now it will be the shortened version minus any wittiness as i need to catch a bus back towards the village in a few minutes.

work is going well. though i seem to be back to a 40 hour work week. which i know i wont get much sympathy from most of you, but you dont have to walk a kilometer to fetch water, and cook everything from scratch on charcoal. in the snow. going up hill. etc etc etc.

thanksgiving: poor poor ambassador. for the peace corps, i would say we were VERY well behaved, though i thought the peace corps staff was a bit apprehensive putting so many volunteers together in one place with an open bar. we thought for sure we would drink them dry....but the ambassador kept the libations pooring! though only about a quarter of us got to eat thanksgiving dinner, they ran out of food fast! the rest got canned baked beans. (you KNOW i got food, i was in the front of that line FO SURE) i felt sorry for some of those guys (though not enough to share my turkey) some of them had not eaten for a day trying to save room! hee hee

the dentist: so i go to the peace corps office to check in with some medications and they ask if there was any other medical problems. i have had a mild tooth ache and thought surely it would take forever to arrange a dentist appointment and then xrays then return for filling so i should get the process started. within half an hour, i was sitting at the dentist office. so i have heard rumors that this dentist was CRAZY. but the volunteers love to embelish stories so i thought this might be the case. no. i walk in and the man is YELLING. violently. is is swedish and sounds like the swedish chef but i was not amused. at one point he shook his head so hard that his lips shook while he was moaning the gutteral moan. finally he barks at me to sit in a chair. i sit. he immediately grabs the drill and ask me whare my cavity is. i tell him it is on top but i am not sure if it is a cavity or what, but before i could get it out of my mouth "WWHHHIIIRRRRR!!!!!" i push my head against the back of the chair and he stops and says, "maybe i should give you some novacane!!!???" what the? so he does and while i am waiting for it to set, he calms the far extreme. there is loud classical music playing and he is humming along. everything is completely white. i realized i had just walked into stanly kubricks A Clockwork Orange. i, for the first time in my life, actually made a happy place in my minds eye...and really went there. so he is drilling away and suddenly stops and says "oh this is not good. it has broken, not good at all!" again, what the? since i had all this stuff sticking out of my mouth, i was unable to ask what broke...and he did not seem to care to mention it. i still dont know what broke. the session ended with him saying that the filling would probabaly not last long and that i would need to come back soon....right.

allright i better jet. i miss you all and hope to have some quality email time soon to send everyone messages. but until then back to letter writing. thought that had slowed even with the workload growing...

hope all is well!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Woman it is Sommer. Thinking of you and missing your sweet ass. Hope you are doing well in the jungle. We are doing great it snowed this week, so that was cool. Sid had first experience with snow, funny. Going to Portland next weekend to see Wendy if all goes well. I love the Northwest. Get back to me when you can

Sommer Garner
5423 Village Pk Dr SE #2541
Bellevue, WA 98006


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