Saturday, November 12, 2005

bit o update

hey everyone. just a bit of an update. it is now about november 12th (maybe...been in the village too long) that means i have been out of the country for about 5 months now. one of tose things where it seems like forever and a couple of weeks at the same time. things took a turn toward the slower end of life since my last update with all the over acheiving jam making. (not sure if my new title of jam master jane is going to stick) but starting monday all that will change. i have to start preparing for my inservice training that starts the week before christmas. it will be in a national park though!!! apparently walks through the rainforest will be part of the training! hee!

so just intown for the day bout to hop back on the bus. the post office never opened though some of the other volunteers texted saying that i had "a *!&*load of mail" so i hope that is true!!!. i dont know why the posta did not open...perhaps the mail lady is sick or something...who knows. so i will be heading to the BIG city (dar es salaam) for turkey day. the new ambassador invited the entire peace corps to his house for thanksgiving...hee hee free food...and so far EVERY peace corps volunteeri have talked to is going...that poor man has no idea what he is in for.. about 150 someodd smelly dirty hippies giving free food. and he lives on the beach and told us to dress for volleyball! should be a darn good time!!! i have to say thati am ready for a bit of a rest. it iwll be nice to stay away...seeing as i am fairly poor (spent WAY too money making my house super nice...but i think i will enjoy it in the long run) but i am going to be camping on the beach instead of a hotel while there. apparently there is this white sand crystal blue water beach with bandas that you can rent out. sounds NICE!

oh other good cats. johnny a black and white female and then a solid black kitten that i named chakula (swahili for food) but i refer to it more as rotten. so yeah that makes johnny rotten.

so i hope to talk to all soon! sorry not to have sent mail...really expected the post office to be open...but i have many ready to mail out and there is always next time!

love you all


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't believe that you spent that much money fixing up your house. I mean you shop at the thrift store back in the states. Love, Jim

1:26 PM  

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